Gosford Park (2001)

Director: Robert Altman

Comedy – Drama – Mystery 


Maggie Smith * Ryan Phillipe * Michael Gambon * Kristin Scott Thomas *

My guilty pleasure is watching films that involve the rich, flawed people that live upstairs, and the staff that live below and serve them.

Set in the 1930s, a group of rich, some famous, and all pretentious gather for a weekend of rest and relaxation by way of a hunting party. When Sir William McCordle (Michael Gambon), the host for the weekend is murdered, each character is treated as a suspect.

A stellar cast that was absolutely brilliant.  It was a mystery that I didn’t get straight away, but I enjoyed watching it so much that I didn’t start reading up on the plot before it unfolded (what? I get impatient!).  And when it did, wow, what a twist!

I watched this after watching Downton Abbey, and was delighted to know that the aforementioned was given the go ahead because of the success of this film, both of which was written by Julian Fellowes.

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