Tasha-Li Ronin

Bio: Hi there! I'm Tasha-Li Ronin, and I love films of most genres, and seem to have a lot of knowledge regarding American cinema. I love sharing my thoughts and maybe what I have learned on the way. Since you are reading this, then my friend, I'll be sharing it with you! Ever since my first visit to the cinema I have been transfixed with films. I have enjoyed learning about Hollywood's film industry, particularly the "Golden Age" of cinema. Many years later, it has been a hobby that I haven't been able to let go of. Of course I am still watching films, unfortunately for me it isn't always at the cinema, but the streaming services that are available now makes it even easier for me to watch films from the comfort of my armchair. I guess that makes me an armchair critic! So I hope that you'll stick with me as I delve into the many genres of film.

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