Prisoners (2013)

Director: Denis Villeneuve

Crime – Drama  – Mystery – Thriller 

It is Thanksgiving, and two young girls have been kidnapped. The police have arrested and released the prime suspect. One of the girls’ fathers takes matters into his own hands.


Jake Gyllenhaal * Hugh Jackman * Terrence Howard  * Viola Davis *Maria Bello *  Paul Dano * Melissa Leo *

I just have to say that Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman) rages for most of the film, and it is a sight to behold.

A slow burn, oh yes it is! And it is worth it, believe me!

Detective Loki has been assigned the kidnapping case. When he is first introduced, he has just finished his Thanksgiving meal alone, at a local Chinese restaurant. His demeanour yells that he is a little bit extraordinary, he doesn’t come across as a police detective with his obvious facial tics and tattoos.

Catching the suspect Alex Jones (Paul Dano) happens quite quickly, and his subsequent release is just as quick. However, Dover hears him say something as he is released, and a cataclysmic flurry of events unfold.

What follows after is morally ambiguous, and causes the viewer to think would they do the same thing if in that position. These questions are presented in Dover’s actions and Franklin and Nancy Birch’s (Terrence Howard and Viola Davis)complacency regarding these actions throughout the film.

I didn’t expect the twist in the tale, and neither did poor Dover.

Detective Loki is on catch up, and when he finally catches up, is he too late? Will he do the right thing knowing what he knows? We will never know, as Villeneuve decided to end the film with this cliff-hanger.

The real question is, who is or are the real victims in this film?

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