I Know Kung Fu! … Show Me

There is something spectacular about martial arts films. It was during the 1970s and 1980s, the Asian dominated genre exploded with English dubbed kung fu films being made available to Western audiences, mainly produced by the Shaw Brothers. Since then, we have had the pleasure of many actors leaving Hong Kong cinema to try their… Continue reading I Know Kung Fu! … Show Me

Femme Fatale Films to Watch at Least Once

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com Femme fatale, which literally translates from French as fatal woman.  In the film world she is a character who tends to be beautiful, seductive and mysterious.  She uses her feminine wiles to charm her lover (or mark) into compromising situations.  They are by type, villainous or morally ambiguous, and they… Continue reading Femme Fatale Films to Watch at Least Once

Fantasy Films to Watch at Least Once

Films by design are supposed to temporarily relieve the viewer of reality and away into a myriad of dreams. Into worlds that we wouldn’t think of or remember that we even dreamt of it.These following films are fantasy, filled with fantastic themes such as, magic, mythology, supernatural events, science-fiction or exotic fantasy worlds.Here are some… Continue reading Fantasy Films to Watch at Least Once

The Rashomon Effect

Rashomon (1950) Rashomon (1950) is a spectacular film in my opinion. After the rape and murder of a bride and murder of her samurai husband, a bandit is on trial, and the events are recalled by all parties involved. The recollections, however, contradict each other, and the woodcutter who discovered the body knows more than… Continue reading The Rashomon Effect

Action Films to Watch … 1980’s

The 1980’s was a wondrous decade for films, action films in particular.  Muscle men such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, became actors, fulfilling the roles of fantasy and of war.  Of course, not all action heroes are defined by muscle, some have to use their intelligence.  And let us not forget that this decade brought us a… Continue reading Action Films to Watch … 1980’s