Boss Level (2020)

Director: Joe Carnahan

Action – Mystery – Sci-Fi – Thriller


Frank Grillo * Mel Gibson * Naomi Watts * Michelle Yeoh

I found this quite entertaining.  Frank Grillo is Roy Pulver, a retired special forces officer who becomes trapped in an infinite time-loop on the day of his murder. He has to solve the mystery behind his untimely death. Think Groundhog Day, but with plenty of action.

Throughout the film Roy has follow the clues laid out by his ex, Jenna Wells (Naomi Watts), who is working on some sort of time machine under the watchful eye of Colonel Ventor (Mel Gibson). I found it sweet that Roy’s son Joe is played by Grillo’s son Rio.

It was hilarious to me when I saw Roy get to his “Boss Level” and he had to face the person behind all of his woes, erm sorry death! I enjoyed how Roy levelled up each time he learned something new that brought him closer to the answer. His ongoing fight with Guan Yin (Selina Lo) is laugh out loud brilliance.

This is the first Frank Grillo lead film that I have seen, and I was impressed by his stellar performance.

A bit predictable, but still a good watch.

8/10 😀

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