Parasite (2019) Bong Joon-ho

Comedy – Drama – Thriller


Song Kang-ho * Lee Sun-kyun * Cho Yeo-Jeong * Choi Woo-shik * Park So-dam * Lee Jeong-eun * Jang Hye-jin * Park Myung-hoon * Jun Ji-so *

Greed and class discrimination threatens a newly formed symbiotic relationship between the unaware and wealthy Park family and the destitute Kim family.

Kim Ki-taek (Song Kang-ho) is the patriarch of the Kim family. He is poor, jobless and yet, unmotivated. The rest of the family seem to be okay bumbling along on minimum wage, until Ki-woo, the elder son, has an opportunity that could free them from their squalor. 

He approaches the Parks, in the hopes of becoming a tutor to their young son. Once he is successful, slowly each member of the Kims starts working at the Parks, behaving as strangers to each other.

Once this set-up is established, the differences and discriminations creep in, resulting in an explosive confrontation.

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