Behind Closed Doors (The Poker House) (2008) Lori Petty



Jennifer Lawrence * Javon Johnson * Sophi Bairley * Bokeem Woodbine * Chloe Grace Moretz * Selma Blair *

A stark tale, and a hidden gem. Jennifer Lawrence, in my opinion, is at her best in independent films.

Here she is as Agnes, a popular High School basketball player. At home, she oversees the brothel that is being run in her family home, while trying to look after her two sisters, as her mom is a drug addict and alcoholic.

Agnes believes that her mom’s latest boyfriend (who is also her pimp) is actually in love with her. Taking advantage of this, he ultimately rapes her on her living room floor. However, when she tells her mom she is not believed, and this causes the family to breakdown further.

What startled me was at the end with the black card epilogue, was to see that it was a true story … The writer’s story … The director’s story … Lori Petty’s story. Lori Petty of Point Break and Tank Girl.

I thought she was very brave for telling her truth on screen.

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