Enduring Love (2004)

Director: Roger Michel

Drama – Mystery – Romance 


Daniel Craig * Samantha Morton * Rhys Ifans

A British slice of life film.  After a tragic hot air balloon accident, which resulted in the death of a man, Joe (Daniel Craig) has been unable to come to terms with it.  Later, he finds that he is being stalked by Jed (Rhys Ifans),  who was at the accident too, and believes that he and Joe developed a connection at the scene of the accident.  

While Joe is spiraling into paranoia, his girlfriend Claire (Samantha Morton) is no longer willing to placate him. The dead man’s widow, who receives a visit from Joe, has convinced herself that her husband was having an affair.

The conclusion leaves Claire stabbed by Jed, who in turn is stabbed by Joe. The husband’s infidelity mystery is resolved by the other people that were at the scene, and Claire survived the attack.

An interesting watch, for all leads involved. I was keen to see where the film was going. Daniel Craig brooded throughout, a talent that has carried him well over the years. Samantha Morton as Claire, who just shows up for everything and does pretty well here as the put-upon girlfriend. Rhys Ifans with his ooze of weirdness as Jed completes the trio.

I wouldn’t watch it again, it reminded me of a late Saturday night film that’s on while you are half asleep.


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