Gutterbug (2019)

Director: Andrew Gibson

Crime – Drama


Andrew Yackel * Justin Pietro Paolo * Hannah Masqueda * Paul Kamdarian *

This film is set in Boston, and the protagonist is a young homeless man named Bug (Andrew Yackel), he has been away from home for three years.  The film starts at the end (ish), so of course there are going to be questions of how did it get to this?

The film focuses on the homeless, drug culture, and the Punk music scene in Boston that surrounds Bug, his friend Slim and then later his girlfriend Jenny.

On Bug’s 21st birthday, when he is resolute to return home from his odyssey, that things take a sinister turn for the worst.

It is uncompromising in its portrayal, and some scenes are particularly harrowing. I couldn’t help but notice that the conclusion was very “Hollywood”. I welcomed the smiling faces at the end as a much needed catharsis after such a gruelling viewing experience.

I wouldn’t watch it again, but glad that I did.

6/10 😐

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