My Delightful DVD Collection

Does anyone remember the time when there seemed to be a competition between VHS and Beta-max?  That was intense for like a hot minute!

Image result for vhs player

Fast forward a few decades and ponder the Blu Ray’s endeavoured take over of the DVD.  However, the graceful swiftness of technology has rendered most tangible media obsolete.

Image result for blu ray vs dvd

I absolutely love films!  It is probably my favourite type of media.  I was the one that had tower piles of VHS cassettes, and I was the one that had wall to wall shelves of DVDs.

Image result for shelves of movies

Now I stream…with Now TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.

Since my family and I moved to a new home (and with all that streaming access), it soon became very apparent that my precious, carefully curated DVD collection was going to have to be downsized, considerably!

IMG_0359Here is a sample of what remains.  They each mean something to me, otherwise they would have been dismissed with the other 200+ DVDs.


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