Kung Fu Films to Watch … 1970s

Kung Fu films, are a type of action film that showcases martial arts combat between the characters. It is usually the combative styles that are appreciated above the storyline. Affectionately known as Kung fu, a sub genre of martial arts films and Hong Kong action, heavily features hand-to-hand combat and sometimes wire-work. The two leading… Continue reading Kung Fu Films to Watch … 1970s

10 Films to Watch … Movie Fathers

Fathers, without them we wouldn’t be here.  Cinema portrays fatherhood in many different ways.  There are tyrannical fathers, loving fathers, manipulative fathers and downright nasty ones.  In honour of the UK's  Father’s day, let’s have a look at ten movie fathers that have been portrayed on the big screen. Star Wars Episode V: The Empire… Continue reading 10 Films to Watch … Movie Fathers

10 Films to watch at Least Once …

Romance Romance films.  Its focus tends to be the passion, emotion, and intertwining involvement of the main characters and their journey.  A lot of people think that falling in love is like what they see in films.  Hollywood films make it seem adorable with its meet-cutes, and that love will conquer all.  And some films… Continue reading 10 Films to watch at Least Once …

Films You Have to Watch at Least Once – The Classics

There are so many great films out there to be watched.  There really is.  My children are completely ignorant when it comes to classic cinema, as much as I really try to ignite some enthusiasm, alas, no. They tend to watch films from this century, and get really surprised when they actually do see a… Continue reading Films You Have to Watch at Least Once – The Classics

Did You Love Shutter Island?

In Shutter Island, a U.S. Marshal investigates the disappearance of a murderer who escaped from a hospital for the criminally insane.  Of course, not everything is quite what it seems.  A Martin Scorsese film, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, one of their six collaborations.  One that is dense in psychological paranoia, and that’s you the viewer! The… Continue reading Did You Love Shutter Island?