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Scoring Method

For Film Reviews
Script: Dialogue, story, and structure.

Direction: Soundtrack, sound design, editing, and camera work.

Acting: Performance and Casting.

Genre: The labelling of this category will change depending on the genre of the film. Measures how effective the film is in accomplishing the goals of said genre. For example; action - how much adrenaline did I feel, Horror - how scared was I, Drama - was there the threat of any tears. In general this category measures how much the film effected me on an emotional level.

Overall: Average of 4 previous scores. Any final thoughts.

For Blu-Ray Reviews

Film: Carry over of the overall score given to the film.

A/V: Quality of audio and video. Decided to combine this into one category as I generally find most Blu-rays that have a quality image will put equal work into making sure the sound is also solid. I will try to include screen captures whenever possible.

Extras: All included Bonus Features except commentary (see next), graded on amount of material and quality.

Commentary: Audio commentary. I've always felt audio commentary's were important enough and included enough info to be seperated from the rest of the disc's features when scoring. If there is more than one commentary included, the grade will be based on the highest scoring commentary.

Overall: Average of 4 previous scores. Final recommendation.

General Info
All scores rated on a scale of 10. For most reviews there won't be much, if any, of a write up for any of the categories. I decided against it based on the fact that; 1 - I've got a full time job, wife and dog so I don't have the time to write up whole essays on every film or blu-ray I watch. 2 - when I'm looking at blu-ray or film review sites I usually, unless I'm a big fan of the author, just look at the scores or summary anyways as I don't have the time to read through long write-ups and 3 - I'm not a very good writer as I'm sure anyone's who's read much of the material on this site has already gathered.
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