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Top 10 - Sylvester Stallone Films

I've been a massive Sly fan for as long as I can remember (His stardom has spanned my entire life) and hopefully, with the help of science, he'll continue pumping out classics for years to come.

10. Tango & Cash - I can't conceive how you could make a bad film with Sly and Kurt working together.
Tango & Cash

9. Rocky IV - 80's style took over a little too much here, but it's still got some great fights and an amazing training montage.
Rocky IV

8. Cop Land - Maybe his best Acting role. He finally challenged himself to play a character other than the macho, superstar hero and totally pulled it off... without the help of a fat suit.
Cop Land

7. Cobra - His flashiest bad ass role.

6. Cliffhanger - Die Hard in the mountains, with the added bonus of Sly.

5. Rocky III - Great casting using T - one of the most intimidating men of the 80's. Also contains my favorite training montage of the Rocky's.
Rocky III

4. Rocky Balboa - His big comeback film. Most people thought this was going to be a joke, but it ended up kicking all their asses.
Rocky Balboa

3. Rambo - The most brutal of the Rambo's. Contains throat ripping (pictured below), disemboweling, and exploding people with heavy machine gun.

2. Rocky/Rocky II - I'm cheating a little by having these as one entry, but if you edited out the credit sequences these could totally play together as one spectacular film and no one would notice.
Rocky/Rocky II

1. First Blood - His greatest role and best film. Probably the best wall to wall action film of all time.
First Blood

Honourable Mention: Lock Up, Demolition Man, The Expendables, Nighthawks

Haven't seen yet, but might be added to this list in the future: Over the Top, Victory

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