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Top 10 - Films of 2013

All the top lists I'v been checking everyone's been pretty pumped about how badass of a year it was... I'm not quite as fired up. There's some solid drama's, but it was a little weak on the action, which is a more my bread and/or butter.

10. Mud - Matty McCounaghey was the actor of the year, kids are great in this too... Solid hillbilly actors all over the place.

9. Evil Dead - I thought it was different enough from the OG while still keeping things super intense.

8. You're Next - Maybe the most fun I had in a theater last year.

7. Drug War - Saw this movie pretty late in the game and was super impressed, best action/crime movie of the year.

6. Pacific Rim - Definitely not the best, but probably the movie I'll re-watch the most in the future.

5. The Wolf of Wall Street - Super entertaining, but not on the same level as Goodfellas or even Casino, as some people are comparing it - a little unruly.

4. Gravity - The most technically impressive film

3. 12 Years a Slave - this got knocked off the top spot only because it's a movie I'll probably only watch once, rough to sit through all the abuse.

2. Before Midnight - Pretty amazing these 3 have kept the quality so consistently high throughout this trilogy.

1. Her - Best script of the year, and design and direction is ridiculously good.

Honorable mention - Inside Llewyn Davis, V/H/S/2, American Hustle, This is the End, The Conjuring, Only God Forgives, Man of Tai Chi, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, (Jodorowsky's Dune, Cheap Thrills - saw these at Fantastic Fest, would've been in my top 10 if they were released theatrically).

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