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Top 10: Films of 2010

10. True Grit - Jeff Bridges Is better than Johnny Wayne (And he's a hippy that Wayne probably would have hated in real life, suck it Duke) and the Coens are a massive step up from whoever directed the origional True Grit in the 60's.
True Grit

9. Shutter Island - Leo Dicaprio's been working the stressed out, on the verge of cracking characters for a few films now. But he's great at it and he's putting out sweet films so I won't be too sad if he keeps working it.
Shutter Island

8. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - Jason Schwartzman and Michael Cera, two of the nerdiest actors around, as Kung-fu super masters. I'm sold.
Scott Pilgrim vs the World

7. Tangled - It's been a while since Disney's put out a really decent animated flick. Looks like Pixar's close proximity is finally starting to rub off on them.

6. Kick Ass - Nic Cage and Hitgirl are the badass daddy daughter team of the year.
Kick Ass

5. The Fighter - Marky Mark makes about 1 good movie in every 5, so enjoy this quality while you can.
The Fighter

4. The Social Network - Nerds are taking over. It's all well documented here.
The Social Network

3. Black Swan - Portman at long last tops her performance from "Leon: The Professional".
Black Swan

2. Toy Story 3 - The best of the Toy Story franchise and one of, if not the, greatest escape films of all time.
Toy Story 3

1. Inception - No contest for my #1 slot. this is one of the only modern day films I've ever given a straight 10 to. Truly, a great honour.

Honorable Mentions: Exit Through the Gift Shop, Leaves of Grass, 127 Hours, Monsters, The American

Looing back on my top 10 most anticipated films of the year list, just 3 of them made this final list. Though 2 of them are still yet to be released, so there's still a chance that my fortune telling skills aren't totally horrible.
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