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Top 10: Films of 2008

10. Pineapple Express - I laughed pretty hard first time I saw this, but since watching it again with a group it plays even better.

9. Forgetting Sarah Marshall - Surprisingly, maybe the best film to come out of Judd Apatow's crew. Crazy funny and really effective emotionally... And this is the best and hottest Mila Kunis has ever been.

8. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Insane special F/X, and an epic story that's way better than Forrest Gump (despite what a lot of people might have you believe).

7. Rambo - The best violence captured on film since Kill Bill. I actually wouldn't be too dissapointed if another Rambo film never materialized. I can't see Rambo going out better then he did here.

6. The Fall - Director Tarsem brings all his skills together nicely here. Crazy visuals come together with a really well put together story that jumps between reality and a young girls impressive imagination. Also, the girl gives maybe the most natural performance I've ever seen. It's amazing. It really feels like she didn't know the cameras were ever rolling.

5. Wall E - The first half of this is probably the most impressive film of the year. The 2nd half is more generic Pixar style, which is still amazing and deeply involving. Just not as original uncliched as the first half that takes place on planet earth.

4. In Bruges - Funniest film of the year as long as you're not too touchy about being politically correct.

3. The Dark Knight - There's a certain point in this film about 3/4 of the way through when the Joker is totally running things in Gotham city where the film is pretty close to perfect. I'm not a huge fan of a couple of choices they make in the last 1/4 of the film (specifically the Ferry confrontation, and Batman's special see everything goggles), but it's not enough to really hurt my love of the 2nd best superhero film of all time (Behind Spiderman 2).

2. The Brothers Bloom - I find it hard to believe this film doesn't receive more love. Super funny, original, great acting, and master film making. It's got it all.

1. Let the Right One In - Saw this early at Fantastic Fest 2008 and was blown away. Perfect mood, very cold and creepy. It's the type of film Hollywood would never make - too different and slow paced. Which was shown perfectly when Hollywood actually took a shot at remaking it and basically took away all the edginess that made the original special. Also, while this film does a great job of adapting the book it's still definitely worth reading. It adds a lot of really great and interesting info that the movie doesn't have the time to get into.

Honourable mentions - Taken, Hellboy 2, The Wrestler, Cloverfield, Gran Torino (only because of Clint's masterful performance as an uber grump), Chocolate (not the one with Juliette Binoche,but the one with the ass whipping Thai teen), Zach and Miri Make a Porno.
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