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Top 10: Films of 2007

10. Gone Baby Gone - Benny Affleck makes a solid comeback as writer/director. Though it's his younger, shrimpier sibling Casey that carries things on the screen and great job.

9. Juno - I always suspected a story about teen pregnancy could bring the tears, but who knew it could also be so funny.

8. Eastern Promises - Viggo plays the badass of the year here and would be deserving of the best actor academy award if Daniel Day wasn't in the mix.

7. The Mist - The ending is the biggest gut punch since se7en.

6. Sunshine - Fantastic Sci-Fi goodness.

5. Grindhouse - It got this high on my list based mostly on Tarantino's efforts... and the trailers. I like Planet Terror, but it's nothing special. While Death Proof has one of the greatest car chase scenes of all time, Kurt Russel, and ass kicking ladies.

4. Ratatouille - My brother's a sous-chef at a high end restaurant. I think that helps me appreciate all the food love going down here.

3. Zodiac - You couldn't get a more accurate account of how things actually went down without making a documentary.

2. There Will Be Blood - Double D Lewis is the man. Especially if you've ever seen him in an interview - He seems like such a nice, gentle man in real life you'd guess he's probably a full time poet. But then he takes on a character like this, the ultimate asshole and totally dominates the film. Totally selling you on his badnassness.

1. No Country for Old Men - This might be the best year for film of the decade and this film tops it up. Coens best work ever.

Honourable mentions - The Assassination of Jessie James by the Coward Robert Ford, Knocked Up, Hot Fuzz, Superbad.
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