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Top 10: Films of 2006

10. The Proposition - This film makes me wonder why the Aussie's haven't pumped out more westerns. Seems like they've got a similar dynamic going on with their indigenous people as we have with Native Americans. Plus theres loads of dusty plains and outlaws. Hook it up Australia.

9. Apocalypto - I don't care how cazy Mel is, he still makes badass films. It's just too bad that his offscreen madness has apparently derailed his planned Viking film. I was really hoping for someone to finally give us a quality, ultra-violent, yet historically accurate Viking film.

8. Rocky Balboa - Stallone is working on all cylinders here. It's sad that this might be his last training montage ever put on film, but at least he's going out on top.

7. Clerks 2 - I always prefer Kevin Smith films that stick closer to the funny, with a little heart right alongside the crudeness. Clerks 2 strikes that balance nicely.

6. Dave Chappelle's Block Party - The feel good film of 2007. I've loved everything Chappelle has done, but this is his best work. It covers the comedy as well as being pretty inspiring. Maybe my favorite doc of the decade.

5. Casino Royale - They finally got rid of sissy Brosnan and hooked up a real hardass to throw on the tux. This is my 2nd favorite bond film of all time, behind only "You Only Live Twice." Now they've got to start pumping out more while Danny Craig is still relatively young.

4. The Departed - I still haven't watched the Chinese original that this was based upon so I can't say which is better, but I'd be surprised if it's on the same level as this. This is the film that really turned me on Dicaprio's skills. I never used to be a fan of his babyface, but he pulls off this over-stressed undercover cop perfectly.

3. The Science of Sleep - the 2nd Michel Gondry directed film to make the list this year (the first being Block Party). He was in his prime around here. No one else could make films like his - more creative and original than anything else going down.

2. Black Snake Moan - Samuel L finally takes on a challenging role and gives an equally badass, yet totally different, performance from than Pulp Fiction. And Cristina Ricci was basically born to play this trashy, extra-permiscuis, damaged honey. This film is the rare perfect mix of drama and exploitation.

1. Children of Men - Technically amazing. The long takes are the best anyone's ever pulled off. But beyond the visuals its got a great concept, awesome cast, and tight script. Total Package.

Honourable mentions - Inside Man, Pan's Labyrinth, The New World, Brick, The Descent, Volver, The Lives of Others
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