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Top 10: Films of 2003

10. School of Rock - Jack Black's last hurrah.
School of Rock

9. 25th Hour - Spike's direction is always great, it's when he's paired with a solid writer that he pumps out the classics.
25th Hour

8. Dirty Pretty Things - I should really check out more Stephen Frears films. All I've seen are this, High Fidelity, and The Grifters - all great. It's hard though, a lot of his other films are critically acclaimed, but they look so boring. Then again so did this one and it ended up being pretty awesome.
Dirty Pretty Things

7. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King - More Orcs than ever, you can't go wrong with that.
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

6. Finding Nemo - More Pixar, more perfection. It almost gets boring after a while talking about how good they always are.
Finding Nemo

5. City of God - Does a great job of illustrating why it's a good idea to stick to the beach and out of the favelas while vacationing in Rio.
City of God

4. In America - Great Irish family drama and there isn't even any drinking. Miraculous.
In America

3. Lost in Translation - Who knew great filmmaking could be hereditary. Sophia cranks out a better film than her dad has in 30 years.
Lost in Translation

2. All the Real Girls - I'm not usually all about the romantic type flicks, but this one clicked with me more than any others. Comes off a lot more truthful than anything Hollywood has ever produced.
All the Real Girls

1. Kill Bill Volume 1 - Best action, revenge, and lady-acting of any film from this decade. Not coincidentally my favorite film of the decade.
Kill Bill Volume 1

Honourable mentions - X2, Whale Rider, American Splendor, Old School, 28 Days Later, Spellbound.
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