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Top 10: Films of 2000

10. Gladiator - Won the academy award for best picture this year, but it just barely made my top 10. It's beautiful to looks at and well acted, but the writing comes up a little short.

9. Girl on the Bridge - A French romantic flick about a couple who are great together, but pretty useless apart. And no one can do romance quite like the frenchies.
Girl on the Bridge

8. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - Ang Lee takes it back to China and does a kung-fu flick better than the locals.
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

7. Chopper - A performance that I've been waiting for Eric Bana to live up to ever since he made the move to Hollywood. He's always playing such reserved characters, but here he's a complete bad ass.

6. Battle Royale - Japan seems to make either real good, original, genre pushing films or totally lame, overly artsy, cheap looking crap. Nothing in between. This clearly comes from the earlier camp.
Battle Royale

5. Requiem For a Dream - The best anti-drug PSA ever.
Requiem For a Dream

4. High Fidelity - Jack Black's big breakthrough. Too bad he hasn't grown beyond playing this same character since.
High Fidelity

3. The Way of the Gun - Chris McQuarrie's only directorial effort - I thought it was amazing, but unfortunately I think I might be in the minority. The plot may be a little over complex, but it's got Benicio at the top of his game, Ryan Phillipe's best work, and a shoot-out Peckinpah would be proud of at the end.
The Way of the Gun

2. Traffic - Does a great job of showing how complex the drug game is and how large of a losing battle it is.

1. Almost Famous/Untitled - Crowe makes a film about living with Rock Stars with details and authenticity that someone who hadn't lived through it couldn't have come up with.
Almost Famous

Honourable mentions - Best in Show, Chicken Run, Shadow of the Vampire, Dancer in the Dark, Tigerland.
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