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Top 10: Boxing Films

10. Requiem for a Heavyweight - Not a lot of ring action other that a brief Muhammed Ali ass whipping at the very beginning. This focuses more on a boxer's career post fighting and how shitty it usually turns out - what happens when you take too many shots to the dome.

9. Girl Fight - This is where Michelle Rodriguez originated her hard ass persona she's been milking for the last decade.

8. Rocky IV - the 80's are in full effect here. Robots, bad music, and lots of fluorescent colors. I don't totally remember. But at least the final fight is pretty memorable - maybe Rocky's worst beating. I can't see the russians being too happy about their portrayal in it though.

7. Rocky III - This is where Rocky started getting a little corny. Still good, just a little hard to take as seriously. It's got T and Hulk Hogan though, a tough combo to beat, both whip Rocky's ass.

6. The Fighter - The film that inspired me to put this together. Marky Mark and Christian Bale are both great (especially Bale) and even though it's the typical boxing story of redemption, it's well done and has some solid scraps.

5. Rocky - The most famous boxing movie of all time, and probably Sly's greatest character (it's a tossup with J.J. Rambo). It layed the template for almost every other boxing film since.

4. Raging Bull - Film making and acting wise this is probably the best film on the list, I just don't enjoy rewatching it as much as the films below. It's hard to get behind Deniro's character, pretty massive prick. I know that's kind of the point, but doesn't make it any more enjoyable.

3. Rocky Balboa - Sly's still got a rock solid head even as an old dog.

2. Million Dollar Baby - The most depressing film on the list, But before the end it's pretty inspiring. It's got Hillary Swanks giving a career best performance, and Clint (grumpy old man) and Morgan (wise old man) playing role's they mastered a long time ago.

1. Rocky II - I know this goes against conventional wisdom, but I actually like the 2nd Rocky film a little more than the first. They both have a very similar tone, he hasn't stepped into the cheese that hurt the later Rocky films, but this one is a little more polished and still has an epic great fight at the end.

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