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Top 40 - Most Anticipated Films of 2018

I got high hopes for this year, loads of fantastic looking material.

40. The Beach Bum - Harmony Korine films are always interesting/weird.

39. The Happytime Murders - Muppets, murder, and Jim's son Brian Henson directing.

38. The New Mutants - Just heard it's a horror film (Interesting twist on the superhero genre) and the posters look sweet.

37. Pacific Rim Uprising - The Original is one of my favorite movies of the last few years, unfortunately doesn't look like Guillermo Del Toro helped out much on this one.

36. The Girl in the Spiders Web - Fede Alvarez has been pretty reliable, Don't Breathe and Evil Dead were entertaining, but the book this is based on was the worst in the series.

35. X-men: Dark Phoenix - Hopefully this storyline turns out better 2nd time around

34. Tomb Raider - Trailer looks a little generic, director's previous film Cold Prey was kinda good though. Also, Vikander is super fit.

33. Halloween - Directed by David Gordon Green and co-written by Daniel McBride, surprising choice, very intriguing.

32. Mary Magdalene - I'm not all about jesus, but Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara look pretty invested in this based on the trailer.

31. Tully - don't know much other than it's Charlize, Diablo, and Jason Reitman re-teaming.

30. Roma - All I know if Alfonso Cuaron is directing.

29. Suspiria - "Call me by your name director" wasn't totally up my alley, but it was well directed and the original film this is a re-make of is classic.

28. Hostiles - A gritty cowboys and Indians throwdown, also Christian Bale generally chooses quality material.

27. Alita: Battle Angel - Hopefully Jimmy Cameron has some input and Rodriguez gives maximum effort now that he's got a respectable budget.

26. Deadpool Sequel - First one was reasonably fun, I suspect this will be more of the same.

25. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - Hopes weren't high, but I like their choice of director (made The Orphanage and A Monster Calls).

24. Mute - I've liked all director Duncan Jones' films thus far.

23. Widows - All of Steve McQueen's previous movies have been super intense, here he's teaming up with the writer of Gone Girl.

22. God Particle: Untitled Cloverfield Sequel - Pretty interesting/surprising series so far.

21. Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck it Ralph 2 - first one was good and Disney's on a hot streak with it's animated films.

20. Ready Player One - I liked the book, worried about Spielberg's involvement though.

19. Aquaman - he's probably the most respectable superhero of his crew.

18. Venom - Tom Hardy generally doesn't get involved with crap projects.

17. Ant-Man and the Wasp - Hopefully they can keep the good times rolling.

16. First Man - Damien Chazelle has stuck to classics exclusively, and here he's got Gosling back in the mix represting the space program.

15. Mortal Engines - Book was good and they have the full power of Weta behind them.

14. Solo: A Star Wars Story - Change of director part way through filming usually isn't a great sign, but all the Star Warses under the new regime have been pretty decent.

13. Red Sparrow - Jenny Lawrence teaming up with the director of the good Hunger Games films.

12. A Quiet Place - Trailer totally sold me.

11. Hellboy - Neil Marshall is always dependable for solid genre fare, and the makeup test for Hellboy looks intimidating.

10. Incredibles 2 - Finally Brad Bird gave up on live action filmmaking, correct choice.

9. The Predator - Shane Black has upgraded from starring in the first Predator film to running the show on this, nice work pal.

8. Creed II - Unfortunately they couldn't bring back the original writer/director (See one slot below), but atleast they were able to get Dolph back in the mix.

7. Black Panther - Ryan Coogler is 2 for 2 so far, seems like a good fit for the material.

6. Avengers: Infinity War - An All-star lineup of all the best superheros.

5. M:I 6 - Mission Impossible - These have been getting better as the series goes along. Also Chris McQuarrie has written and/or directed lots of fantastic action pics.

4. Sicario 2: Soldado - Most of the cast and writer are back from the original, and new director's previous film, Suburra, was very badass.

3. The Irishman - Scorcese is back in the gangster genre with all his best pals.

2. Annihilation - Alex Garland's in charge (Ex-machina) with added help from Natalie Portman.

1. Isle of Dogs - I like dogs, Wes Anderson, and claymation.

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