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Top 42 Most Anticipated Films of 2016

Lots to look forward to, hopefully all these get released.

42. Julieta - Pedro Almodovar dealing with lady problems, right in his wheelhouse.

41. Hail Cesar - Coen bros working their old timey comedy chops, not usually up my alley.

40. the BFG - Spielberg rolling with a classic Roald Dahl kids novel.

39. A Monster Calls - J.A. Bayona, director of Orphanage, kids and a monster.

38. Fifth Bourne Movie - Bringng Matty D and Greengrass back, I'm still a little pissed at Greengrass for introducing shaky cam into action cinema though.

37. The Handmaid - Park Chan-wook, still have faith in him because of the OG oldboy.

36. How to Talk to Girls at Parties - John Cameron Mitchell based on Neil Gaiman story, all-star teamup.

35. Suicide Squad - Director has yet to make anything I really like.

34. Where to Invade Next - Michael Moore anti-war doc, right up my alley.

33. Pee-wee's Big Holiday - overdue.

32. Moana - Haven't heard much about this, but Disney has been pretty reliable and I appreciate Hawaii.

31. Everybody Wants Some - Dazed and Confused follow up from Richie Linklater. Trailer didn't sell me, but Linklater deserves some faith.

30. Sausage Party - R rated animated film by Seth Rogen and his buddies, lots of potential.

29. Deadpool - Finally an R Rated big budget superhero movie, I don't know jack about the director though.

28. The Jungle Book - FX look incredible, but all of Favreau's other movies have been just OK to pretty good.

27. Midnight Special - Director of Mud, kid with super powers based in a more realistic world.

26. Hacksaw Ridge - Mel is back directing! Everything else he's made has been super intense, hopefully his personal troubles haven't softened him.

25. Batman v Superman - Dawn of Justice - I'm not a fan of Zach Snyder's storytelling skills, but there should be some sweet superhero throwdowns.

24. La La Land - Damien Chazelle director of Whiplash, Whiplash was totally sweet.

23. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - more Harry P with writer of novels and director of best Potter films.

22. X-men: Apocalypse - Singer has done a pretty good job with all the X-films thus far.

21. Finding Dory - Pixar hasn't lived up to their earlier days, going back to classic material though.

20. Gambit - I wasn't that pumped for this till I found out Doug Liman is directing. Channing has been surprisingly reliable too.

19. A Hologram for the King - Tom Tykwer only makes solid films, teamed up with Thomas Hanks here.

18. Passengers - Jenn Lawrence and Chris Pratt, respectable upcoming direcor.

17. Assassin's Creed - wouldn't usually be too psyched about the video game movies, but Fassbender doesn't get involved in crap and director seems serious.

16. Regression - Horror movie from the director of the Others, Open Your Eyes (OG Vanilla Sky) and The Sea Inside, all classics.

15. John Wick 2 - Part 1 was totally badass, same team in charge.

14. Silence - Subject matter sounds sorta lame, but Scorcese is a master.

13. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back - Unfortuately McQuarrie isn't involved, but Cruise generally keeps the quality level high and Ed Zwick has the potential to do good.

12. Doctor Strange - Marvel's pretty reliable, hopefully because this is a more of a minor character there's a chance for it to be a little more experimental.

11. Zootopia - Disney's been good lately, and the design looks cool.

10. Ghostbusters - Everything Feig's done has been quality, cast includes 2 of funniest gals from recent SNL seasons.

9. Star Trek Beyond - I'm glad JJ is out of the mix, Justin Lin is coming off creating the best films in the Fast and Furious franchise.

8. Green Room - Director of Blue Ruin in charge and that film was badass.

7. The Neon Demon - Nicolas Winding Refn movies always have the potential for greatness.

6. The Nice Guys - Shane Black, trailer looks like he's in top smartass form.

5. The Witch - Trailer looks horrifying.

4. Kubo and the Two Strings - Laika is reminiscent of early days Pixar in terms of cranking out classics.

3. Captain America: Civil War - Last Cap film might've been the best Marvel film yet, same guys are in charge.

2. Warcraft - huge medevil setting (My favorite era), director of Moon running things.

1. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - looks like Star Wars film universe is back on track, director of Monsters and Godzilla.

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